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Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue

Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue


We are an exotic animal rescue centre taking on all sorts of exotic animals from the general public, SSPCA and various other organisations.

The charity was founded by Nick Martin and is based in Nairn, Scotland. S.E.A.R takes in exotic animals of all shapes and sizes from members of the public, police seizures and the SSPCA and RSPCA. We rely on your generous donations for the day to day running of the charity and to enable us to care for all the rescue animals we take into our care. These donations also help us to provide educational talks to schools in order to help them further understand these amazing animals. On top of which, we also offer work experience opportunities to build confidence in youths as well as people with disabilities. The charity offers a number of different services including fun days, birthday parties, galas, festivals and community group visits.
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Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue



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