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Sharewear Clothing Scheme

Sharewear Clothing Scheme

East Midlands

Sharewear provide free-of-charge clothing choices to people in economic difficulty in several counties of the UK.

Sharewear uses a combination of individual referrals into our client centres and bulk outreach deliveries to poverty and crisis alleviation organisations to combat clothing poverty in several counties of the UK. We serve an average of 28,000 people per year, supporting them through our clothing choices into education and training; employment; recovery and recuperation; rehabilitation and integration -- as well as giving them the basic capacity to function in life on a day to day basis. We provide clothing of all types for all ages from new-born to ninety, as well as footwear and bedding to people in short and longer term economic difficulty. In so doing, we divert over 70 tonnes of clothing per year from landfill at the same time.

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Sharewear Clothing Scheme

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