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Smethwick Church Action Network

Smethwick Church Action Network

West Midlands

Smethwick CAN works with local people to build community and tackle poverty through a range of community activities, projects and campaigns.

Smethwick CAN was formed in July 2014 after local churches initially set up a foodbank in January 2012. Through the foodbank alone, a dedicated team of over 50 volunteers has provided more than 350,000 meals to over 5,000 people in the first 7 years of operations. We now provide Community Cafe, Allotment Project, Food Pantry, Places of Welcome, a Co-Working Space called Smethwick ChangeSpaces, Creative English courses for newly arrived people and support for Social Enterprise and Cooperative start-ups.
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Smethwick Church Action Network

SCAN Make a difference in 2020 with a Christmas Gift to Smethwick CAN

Make a difference in 2020 with a Christmas Gift to Smethwick CAN

Please help support our projects in 2020 including Smethwick Foodbank, Your Local Pantry, CAN Cafe, CAN Grow Allotment, Creative English classes, Chan... Read more