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Sophie's Legacy

Sophie's Legacy


Sophie's Legacy supports families admitted to hospital with their child aged 0-18 by ensuring they have food, toiletries, etc

Sophie's Legacy is a dedicated charity focused on providing comprehensive support to families with children admitted to hospitals. Inspired by the wishes of Sophie, a young girl whose enduring spirit continues to motivate our efforts, we offer a range of services including food, essential toiletries, emotional support, and practical aid to ensure families feel cared for during challenging times. We work tirelessly to create a nurturing hospital environment by supplying toys, organising play activities, and fulfilling end-of-life wishes. Our mission extends beyond immediate care, advocating for systemic changes such as improved training for healthcare professionals in childhood cancer, better nutrition in hospitals for children, and for parents to be fed when staying overnight with their child. Through these efforts, we honour Sophie’s memory and strive to bring comfort and hope to countless families.

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Sophie's Legacy

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