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St Columbkille's Church

St Columbkille's Church


The parish of St Columbkille was founded in Rutherglen in 1851 to serve the needs of the Catholic community, as it continues to do.

St Columbkille’s parish aspires to be a welcoming and faithful eucharistic community, serving the Lord, spreading the truth of his Gospel and helping all to respond to God's Universal call to holiness. The mission of our parish is: - TO PROCLAIM THE WORD:  The first church in Rutherglen was established in the 6th century by St Conval, a disciple of St Mungo, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  We shall strive to follow the example of St Conval and St Columbkille in proclaiming the Gospel through our words and our actions. - TO CELEBRATE LITURGY & SACRAMENT: Our church provides a sacred place where all are welcome to encounter Jesus Christ.  Through prayer, and in the celebration of Holy Mass and the Sacraments, wee shall provide rich experiences of prayerful encounter with the Lord. - TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY: Our parish was first established to serve the needs of poor immigrants. As a parish community, witnessing to the love of Christ, we shall continue to support those who are most in need across the community.
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St Columbkille's Church

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During the COVID-19 crisis, while our church and parish hall are closed, we have no income to cover ongoing costs. We need your help.... Read more