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St George's Bristol

St George's Bristol

South West

St George's Bristol is one of the UK's leading concert halls. We promote a world-class artistic programme across an eclectic range of musical genres.

St George’s Bristol is one of the country’s leading concert halls. Founded in 1976, and housed in a beautiful Grade II* listed former church, our venue boasts a superb acoustic and intimate atmosphere which attracts the world’s best artists. A full and vibrant programme, with over 250 events each year, makes it an incredibly popular and important venue for all kinds of music. As a registered charity, St George’s is driven by the conviction that great music has the power to change lives. We are dedicated to promoting music of the highest quality to the widest possible audience and we do this by offering the best of classical, jazz, blues, folk and world music as well as a dedicated education and outreach programme

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St George's Bristol

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BASF001 Building A Sound Future: St George's Bristol Capital Appeal

Building A Sound Future: St George's Bristol Capital Appeal

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