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St John's Church Elkstone

St John's Church Elkstone

South West

The parish church of St John the Evangelist at Elkstone is a friendly worshipping community which is committed to caring for creation.

Elkstone is one of the highest villages in the Cotswolds which follows the route of the Roman Ermin Way, seven miles south-east of Cheltenham, seven miles northwest of Cirencester, and ten miles east of Gloucester. The village is in a Conservation Area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The main village has about 60 houses with a further 40 in the environs, and an adult population of about 180, together with about 50 children. In the past most inhabitants would have had some connection with the land, but now only a few work on the local farms. There is a lively village community with a number of events in the village hall, including a monthly winter village cinema; weekly carpet bowls; weekly watercolour painting group; social events during the year such as Harvest Supper, bring and share events, coffee mornings. There is also a monthly Ramblers group. The Church is always left open for these visitors and for others who just want to enjoy its peace and the chance to pray. The village website (http://www.elkstonevillage.com/) has more about the architectural features of the Church and some photographs, through a website link: http://www.elkstonevillage.com/?page_id=25. See also "Explore Churches" https://www.explorechurches.org/church/st-john-evangelist-elkstone
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St John's Church Elkstone

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