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St Luke's Proprietary Chapel

St Luke's Proprietary Chapel

South West

St Luke's Proprietary Chapel is a small church in the small settlement of Posbury, just south of the town of Crediton in Mid Devon

St Luke's was made a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in August 2017 and has 3 Trustees; Henry Parker, Ruth Vigers & Fiona Mortimer. Day to day management of the chapel and graveyard is delegated to the Management Committee who are responsible for maintenance & upkeep of the fabric of the building. St Luke's is situated within the Civil Parish of Crediton Hamlets, and many of the congregation come to St Luke's from thesurrounding small hamlets and settlements including Uton, Neopardy, Gunstone, Hollacombe, Hookway & Venny Tedburn as well as the town of Crediton. Holy Communion services are from the Book of Common Prayer, and the congregation have a focus on both fellowship and friendship, so you can be assured of a friendly welcome if you visit St Luke's. The services are generally facilitated by the Rector of Crediton or one of the retired clergy who assist in the Benefice.
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St Luke's Proprietary Chapel

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