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St Mark's Church

St Mark's Church

North West

St Mark's - the parish church for Woodley and Bredbury

St Mark’s Church is a community of people whose Christian values provide the motivation to offer care, practical help and support to those in greatest need in our community. Much of our work is focussed on addressing these greatest needs in our community. We work with over 2,000 people a year who regularly participate in groups/activities such as: Prime Time (a monthly social gathering to reduce loneliness amongst older people), community coffee mornings and lunches, toddler groups, Foodbank, Life Skills courses, Prospects (a monthly gathering for adults with learning difficulties), Rock Solid (a weekly club for children and youth in the local community), Snowdrops (a weekly group that provides support to mums experiencing prenatal or postnatal mental health issues).
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St Mark's Church

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