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St Mary's RC Primary School Parent Staff Association

St Mary's RC Primary School Parent Staff Association


The St Mary’s PSA are a registered charity dedicated to raising money for the school to pay for educational enhancements for the children.

How we support the school One of the most important functions of the PSA is bringing together our school community. That’s everyone from the parents and the staff to our wonderful governors and church community. Then of course we fund equipment and experiences for the children. There are annual activities and resources we provide such as school trip coaches, infant book bags and sport rucksacks, first aid training and the much loved Pantomine, as well as a range of exciting educational activities organised for pupils during Art Week, Science Week and Book Week. We have also sponsored bigger projects and resources such as the bike/scooter shed, instruments for the music department and a new screen and IT system for the school hall.

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St Mary's RC Primary School Parent Staff Association

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