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St Mary's Riverhead with Dunton Green

St Mary's Riverhead with Dunton Green

South East

We are the Ecclesiastical Parish of Riverhead with Dunton Green

As of 1 December 2019, we are part of the West Sevenoaks Team Ministry, working alongside St.Luke's, Sevenoaks and St.Mary's, Kippington (Team Rector, Revd Mark Bridgen; Interim Associate Rector, Revd Anne Bourne) What is our mission and purpose? We, the people of God in the parish of Riverhead with Dunton Green, seek to discover and model a pattern of life that is inspired by the teaching and example of Jesus and, through study, prayer, worship and service, we invite and encourage all to work with our community so that God’s love may be known in abundant hospitality and generosity of life.
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St Mary's Riverhead with Dunton Green

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