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Sue Young Cancer Support

Sue Young Cancer Support

East Midlands

Sue Young Cancer Support Charity was founded in 1981 in city of Leicester to provide practical and emotional support to anyone affected by a cancer, services available for patients, family members and their carers.

Sue Young Cancer Support is located in the city of Leicester that provides support and services to the community of Leicestershire and Rutland for people affected by cancer. The charity provides cancer care for all from the moment a person is diagnosed with cancer. The support and services we offer are available to not just the patients, but also family members and carers as well, as cancer affects all those around.
We offer a wide and variety of services and support from 1.1 counselling, complementary therapies, befriending support, as well as outreach drop in centres for complementary therapies which are located in Loughborough, Coalville, Market Harborough, Hinckley, Leicester and Wanlip.

The charity also offers practical support with  Will & Legal Advice, Benefit Help, Health & Wellbeing activities alongside our Gentle Movement classes. We are also able to support you with Bereavement Support Mental Health, Nutritional Advice as well as Employment related issues. By supportingSue Young Cancer Support in Leicestershire and Rutland you be supporting people now and for the furture.

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Sue Young Cancer Support

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