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SurrogacyUK Foundation

SurrogacyUK Foundation


The UK's first surrogacy charity.

SurrogacyUK Foundation is the first surrogacy charity in the UK (and one of the first in the world). It was founded in 2023 by members and friends of SurrogacyUK, the UK’s largest surrogacy organisation. We exist to advance the education of the public about surrogacy and, in particular, approaches to surrogacy that are ethical and safeguard the interests of all parties. We believe that surrogacy – when practiced ethically and safely – is a valid and valuable pathway to parenthood for people unable to conceive or carrying their own children, and should be a fulfilling and empowering experience for everyone involved. To achieve our charitable objective we: - Amplify voices in the surrogacy community that are able to share their lived experience - Collaborate with other organisations to achieve common goals - Educate people and society about surrogacy - Convene people and organisations – including those opposed to surrogacy – to participate in constructive conversations.

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SurrogacyUK Foundation

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SurrogacyUK Foundation - General

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