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Take Our Hand

Take Our Hand


Take Our Hand is a bereavement charity supporting young people aged 16-25 by providing bereavement care packages and therapy support.

We are a bereavement charity supporting young people aged 16-25 as well as their friends and family. We provide support through our bereavement care packages and funding therapy for them. Our care packages contain items in there to help the young person come to terms with and work through their grief. Included in there is a journal, memory jar, candle, forget me not seeds and sweet treats. Therapy support is tailored to the individual needs and we specialise in provide alternatives to traditional talking therapy. We have partners who provide EMDR, Music, Dance, Drama, Art and even horse therapy. If there is a therapy a young person wants to try not on our list, we will look to make it possible for them as no two people grieve the same and therefore we want our support to be right for each person.

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Take Our Hand

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