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Teapot Trust

Teapot Trust


Teapot Trust is at the forefront of transformative mental health support for children, young people and families living with chronic conditions.

Teapot Trust enhances the lives of children, young people and their families who are suffering the impact of any chronic or long-term condition. We provide art therapy and creative wellbeing interventions through which children and young people are supported to explore and express their feelings, build resilience and develop positive coping strategies. To best meet these needs, children and young people can be supported individually, with their family members or in small peer support groups. We work throughout the UK, meeting children, young people and families’ needs in hospitals, mental health facilities, community venues and online, often working in partnership. We have met increasing need year on year and have supported over 14,000 families.

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Teapot Trust

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Teapot Trust Text to Give

Teapot Trust provides mental health support through transformative art therapy for children and families coping with chronic conditions throughout the... Read more