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Thames Hospice

Thames Hospice

South East

Thames Hospice provides inpatient and community services for families facing life-limiting illnesses in Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire.

We believe everyone has the right to quality of life until the end of life. It costs £8million annually to keep our services running. By supporting us, you will change the lives of thousands of local families today in our current hospice, and tomorrow in our new hospice. At our current hospice services include; our 17-bed Inpatient Unit for pain-management, symptom control and end-of-life care, our Community Team providing care for people in their own homes and our Day Therapy Unit offering a wide range of therapeutic care for patients, helping them stay independent. We also have a 24/7 Advice Line and Rapid Response Team providing urgent care and support in patients’ homes. For the whole family we offer emotional and pastoral support.  Our new hospice will provide all these services for more local families.

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Thames Hospice

RAISE Raise the Roof on the new Thames Hospice

Raise the Roof on the new Thames Hospice

With up to 10 families left without the hospice care they need each day help us Raise the Roof on a new Thames Hospice and revolutionise hospice care.... Read more