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The Abbotsford Trust

The Abbotsford Trust


Abbotsford is the extraordinary home of Sir Walter Scott, the 19th century poet, novelist and ‘Great Scott’

Scott’s Abbotsford remains one of the most famous homes in the world. In Scott’s own words it was his “conundrum castle”, a place where fact and fiction collide. It began the craze for Scots Baronial architecture and inspired him as he rekindled the Scottish tradition of wearing tartan and became the biggest-selling author of his day. Yet the stones of Abbotsford speak of both triumph and disaster, as debt forced Scott to battle to save his beloved home. Sitting on the banks of the River Tweed only an hour from Edinburgh by train or car, Abbotsford is at the heart of a landscape of folklore and legend. Immerse yourself in Scott’s home through our popular audio tours, explore his beautiful gardens, riverside and woodland walks, and indulge in our cafe, shop and exhibitions. Children will love the play trail and discovering Abbotsford with the help of Hince and Maida, Scott’s cat and dog. Since 2006, The Abbotsford Trust has cared for the house, gardens, estate and collections created by Sir Walter Scott and his descendants. Through our award-winning volunteer programme and our work with local schools and communities, our mission is to bring the legacy of Scott to people of all ages. As a registered charity, The Abbotsford Trust relies on your support to help safeguard Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott’s legacy for future generations.

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The Abbotsford Trust

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Celebrating 250 years of Sir Walter Scott

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