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The Dicky Buckle Fund CIO

The Dicky Buckle Fund CIO

South West

The Dicky Buckle Fund is a registered charity founded to support young and emerging artistic talent and broaden access to ballet & dance.

Named after the wonderfully outrageous ballet critic Richard Buckle, The Dicky Buckle Fund is committed to giving choreographers and other artists involved in ballet and dance, the support needed to create original new works. The grants we award, not only fund and give free handed liberty to the creative process, they also support the entire chain of design, creation and education. It is the charity’s ethos to not only give young artistic talent the opportunity to produce new and exciting work, but to also help provide a platform for it to be presented on. As part of our efforts to widen access to dance for all, we also invite children and their parents/teachers to participate in and watch educational dance workshops and rehearsals. In doing so, we very much hope to inspire the next generation of talented artists. With sufficient funding, we endeavour to expand this important work within the youth sector. Over the last decade, the donations received from kind supporters, have enabled the charity to assist in the creation of a great number of original choreographic works. New works that are the heart and soul and future of the industry. With your support The Dicky Buckle Fund is committed to expanding and building on these successes to give more young people access and support to this incredible art form.

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The Dicky Buckle Fund CIO

DANCER Supporting young artists

Supporting young artists

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