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The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

South East

Supporting bereaved children and their families in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Harry's Rainbow support children and young people in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas who have been bereaved of a family member. This is done in many ways including:- providing memory boxes with books and information relevant to their circumstances. We hold a Rainbow group once a month which provides the children the opportunity to spend time with others going through similar circumstances thus helping them feel less isolated and lonely. We also include activities that can help build self-esteem and confidence as well as instilling that its okay to have fun and smile. The families are also able to have holidays in our Rainbow home based in Camber Sands free of charge and we also organise adhoc trips in the school holidays, all trips that we provide are free to both the children and families.
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The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust

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