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The Intensive Care Society

The Intensive Care Society


We represent Critical Care and we strive to ensure patients and staff have the best care possible.

One in six of us will be admitted in to critical care in our lifetime, so what we do today can help improve tomorrow for our patients! As a world we are facing one of the toughest times in living memory We know that as healthcare care professionals we are putting ourselves at risk, but our focus is you, your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. The situation with COVID-19 is forever evolving and so are we, we are committed to supporting those on the frontline in this battle. Already we have o Established a new National Emergency Critical Care Committee (NECCC) o Began the development of new clinical guidance specific to treating patients with COVID19. o Co-ordinated meetings with clinicians globally to share clinical guidance as it evolves. o Began a programme to support the wellbeing of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and the whole multi-professional team However, if we are to provide our patients and colleagues with what they need. We need to do more. *The ICS will collate all funds centrally and redistribute nationally according to agreed criteria. All money donated will stored in unrestricted funds to deliver a range of activities within the charity's objectives.
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The Intensive Care Society

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