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The Lancashire Wildlife Trust

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust

North West

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is part of a national movement, devoted to protecting wildlife for you to enjoy in your local area

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside was founded in 1962 by people like you who knew they needed to take action. Since then we have grown to be the largest nature conservation body in the area. We are uniquely positioned to lead change our region, working at a grass roots, local level whilst also being part of a strong cohesive movement. We have saved many special places, acquiring and managing many of them as nature reserves—we look after over 1,288 hectares of havens for rare and threatened species and habitats We have the powerful voices of over 28,000 members, whose invaluable support we simply could not do without. We engage over 4,000 volunteers in our mission, 1200 are active on a very regular basis alongside our team of 140 staff. Whether this is ‘digging in’ on the land or helping with education, fundraising, governing the charity . We even have volunteers working on planning matters, campaigning and working in finance. We are delivering environmental education to around 20,000 children per year. We have built three eco buildings for our operations to demonstrate how we can live lightly on the earth. Brockholes floating visitor centre being the latest of these
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The Lancashire Wildlife Trust


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