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The Manchester Youth Zone

The Manchester Youth Zone

North West

Manchester Youth Zone provides a unique safe place for young people aged from 6 – 19, up to 25 with additional needs, from across Manchester.

With a wealth of sport and creative activities, MYZ currently welcomes almost 1,000 young people each week and we work to raise our members aspirations and equip them with the tools to increase their confidence, build positive relationships and add something back to their own community. SOMEWHERE TO GO. SOMETHING TO DO. SOMEONE TO TALK TO. The Manchester Youth Zone is located in Harpurhey, North Manchester and is ranked as the 2nd worst ward in England for the effect of long term deprivation on children. Many in the surrounding area are vulnerable to poor educational attainment, future worklessness and to developing antisocial or offending behaviour.
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The Manchester Youth Zone

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