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The Marketing Academy Foundation

The Marketing Academy Foundation


We give young individuals from challenging backgrounds opportunities to start fulfilling careers in the marketing industries.

Middle class young people find it challenging enough to gain access to our industry as they have the contacts, internship opportunities and confidence to get there. There are many bright, creative and energetic young people in the UK who have no “social capital” and have had even worse setbacks in their youth. It just is not fair that they have all the talent to succeed in our industry, which is welcoming and meritocratic once you enter it, yet cannot find their way to it. We exist to right that wrong and we mostly do so by finding apprenticeships for them in the best firms in the country and inspire, train and support them along the way. Our apprentices not only get year-long, properly-paid, world-class work experience but also by giving extra support including mentoring, nationally recognised qualifications, marketing skills and personal development training and the odd cup of tea and a wise chat. The marketing industries include brand owners and marketing services organisations such as advertising agencies. Companies hosting include Amazon, Bird’s Eye, Karmarama, Nationwide, The Prince’s Trust and Virgin Atlantic. By supporting The Marketing Academy Foundation you are not only improving the life chances of young people, but also helping to enrich the talent pool in the marketing industries.
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The Marketing Academy Foundation

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