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The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust


Generating funds for ground-breaking research into the prevention and life-saving treatment of Brain Haemorrhages

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust was set up in 2012 by the Moss family after the sudden death of Natalie at the age of 26 after a sudden Brain Haemorrhage. Focusing on turning this tragedy into something positive, the trust hopes to support ground-breaking research into the prevention and treatment of brain haemorrhages to stop more tragedies occurring. By joining forces with Manchester University the trust supports groundbreaking research into Stroke at the University whose vision is to improve outcome and prevent brain haemorrhages. Since 2012,through the fundraising of the Natalie Kate Moss Trust, there have been significant advances in the research at Manchester University as funding has increased year on year. In order to continue to support the growth and continuity of this Research, in 2020 Manchester University and The Natalie Kate Moss hope to collaboratively create a leading stroke research centre, that has the ability to attract the leading minds in stroke to Manchester, and to establish productive collaborations with other centres of excellence in stroke in the UK and internationally. Ultimately with the aim is to ensure more successful progress in the prevention and treatment of brain haemorrhage.

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The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

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