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The Nicholas Mills Foundation

The Nicholas Mills Foundation

South East

At DrugFAM we are passionate about supporting those who are affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs or alcohol.

We understand how easy it is to be drawn into the chaos that surrounds an addict and to be overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness, guilt and shame. Often these feelings are made worse due to the stigma surrounding addiction and a feeling that you can’t speak to your friends, colleagues, or other family members about the situation, leading to isolation and despair. In order to address these challenges, DrugFAM supports families, friends and partners to look after both their loved ones and themselves. We provide resources to inform them about the challenges facing their loved ones and we want to help them cope better in both the short and longer term. We group our activities to meet each of our three strategic objectives: 1) Services to those affected by drugs and alcohol addiction, 2) Services to those bereaved by drugs and alcohol addiction, 3) Educational Services.
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The Nicholas Mills Foundation

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