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The Opera Awards Foundation

The Opera Awards Foundation


The Opera Awards Foundation Artist Hardship Fund supports young artists in financial need due to the pandemic.

Established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Artist Hardship Fund provides a financial lifeline to young and emerging artists affected by the crisis. Theatre closures and travel restrictions have meant many young artists lost a year or more of income. They have struggled to pay for groceries, rent, and childcare expenses, and as freelancers, many were not eligible for government support schemes. We cannot afford to lose this gifted, diverse and passionate generation of artists. When the fund was set up in 2020 to assist previous Opera Awards Foundation bursary recipients, the response was overwhelming, with applications for more than twice the funds available. Now we're redoubling our efforts, determined to fund every application received and to open the fund up again more broadly to artists around the world. Please give if you can.

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The Opera Awards Foundation

AWARDS Opera Awards Foundation: Artist Hardship Fund

Opera Awards Foundation: Artist Hardship Fund

Providing a financial lifeline to young artists affected by the pandemic... Read more