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The Parish church of St Anne's Limehouse

The Parish church of St Anne's Limehouse


People have been worshipping at St Anne's in Limehouse for nearly 300 years.

The church family today is a group of people of all ages, backgrounds and colours with a shared desire to learn more about God and His Son Jesus Christ. The one tradition we all share is to learn more about knowing him and his creation through straight-forward Bible teaching for all ages. The joy and challenge of this shared tradition is to then practice in our lives what we have learned. St Anne’s was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor and consecrated in 1730. It is Grade I listed and the churchyard and surrounding area is designated as a Conservation Area. The building has undergone 40 years of restoration so far to make it structurally sound and more appropriate for modern use. We are currently raising funds to install a lift to allow full access to all the main levels. We hope to complete the restoration of the nave within the next few years. For more on the restoration appeal and Care for St Anne’s: www.stanneslimehouse.org/restoration/

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The Parish church of St Anne's Limehouse

NYZI01 Ministry of St Anne's Limehouse

Ministry of St Anne's Limehouse

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