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The Paxton House

The Paxton House


Paxton House and Gardens represent a unique Borderlands treasure. Somewhere offering outdoor beauty and incredible history, paintings and furniture collections, it is a place that all the family can enjoy.

On 17th November 1988, the last laird of Paxton House, John David Home Robertson, gave the country house and its 80 acre estate to the nation for their benefit and enjoyment. The Paxton Trust exists to guide this vision and preserve the Paxton House legacy.

The mission of the Paxton Trust is simple: to preserve, protect and enhance, for public benefit, Paxton House, its collection and the estate in which it stands. The trust’s chief goals are to facilitate and encourage access to and appreciation and study of the collection, to advance the cause of education and social welfare and actively to develop and promote such activities as will best serve these ends.

As the Paxton Trust is a non-profit organisation and recognised charity, all funds are held for charitable purposes and exist to ensure the following:

  • The preservation of the mansion house for the public benefit.
  • The protection and preservation of the amenities of the estate for the benefit of the public.
  • The preservation of furniture, books, works of art etc as an adjunct for public enjoyment.
  • The encouragement of access to and appreciation of Paxton House and its grounds.
  • The encouragement of the advancement of education and the interests of social welfare.
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The Paxton House

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