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The PCC of St George Anstey

The PCC of St George Anstey

South East

St George's Church, Anstey, is a living church in the centre of a small rural village in north-east Hertfordshire and is Grade 1 listed.

St George's Church, Anstey is a member of the Quintet Churches Benefice. Jesus asked his followers to love their neighbours and to care for the orphaned, the widow and the sick. Being good neighbours, praying and caring for our community is at the heart of what each of our five churches strive to do. We hope that through this donation scheme you will be able to help Anstey Church, maintain the projects and activities we are involved in that benefit the local community and help make a difference in the wider world. Whether you have enjoyed worshipping as part of the wider Christian community or visiting while out in the countryside, supporting our church helps share the significant cost of staff and buildings, historically born by a small number of generous benefactors.

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The PCC of St George Anstey

ANSTEY Giving to St George's Church,  Anstey

Giving to St George's Church, Anstey

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