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The Theatre Orchard

The Theatre Orchard

South West

Our mission is to grow an ambitious, playful and outward looking creative culture to make North Somerset a great place to live, work and play.

We collaborate year-round with extraordinary artists -local, national and international -and communities across North Somerset to create unmissable cultural experiences that fire imaginations, expand horizons, give voice to marginalised communities and have the power to change lives. Since 2018 we have been an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation. We are a charity that depends on the generosity of funders and supporters to enable our work. We’re specialists in inclusive community participation, creating and presenting work with, for and by the people of North Somerset – and our participation programme is always free to access. Each year we reach 25,000+ people through our programme and work with 100s through creative engagement.

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The Theatre Orchard

WGIG22 Arts and Health Festival 2022

Arts and Health Festival 2022

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