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Theatre Royal Wakefield

Theatre Royal Wakefield

Yorkshire and the Humber

Theatre Royal Wakefield is at the heart of the community, offering live theatre alongside activities to engage our local community.

Theatre Royal Wakefield is a beautiful theatre with a Victorian auditorium and modern studio space. Within its walls takes place amazing live theatre, conversation cafes, workshops and activities for the local community and much more. Our programme of live theatre features, drama, comedy, live music and much more in-between. It also includes our own produced Pantomime and Wakefield Youth Music Theatre productions, alongside producing the work of our Creative Director, John Godber OBE. Our busy participation programme encourages diverse engagement in the arts, offering current project for learning disabled young people, older people at risk of isolation, refugees and asylum seekers as well as our weekly Performance Academy for young people.

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Theatre Royal Wakefield

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Support Theatre Royal Wakefield

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Help Keep the Lights On

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