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This is GrowTH LTD

This is GrowTH LTD


GrowTH is a partnership of churches serving our homeless neighbours in Tower Hamlets. We provide night shelter, resettlement support and housing.

Since 2010 GrowTH has been providing emergency night shelter in church buildings for homeless men and women in Tower Hamlets. For seven months each year, we welcome guests in from the cold, share a hot meal with them, provide a bed for the night as well as an opportunity to find out more about the Christian faith and join a church community. We also provide year-round support to every guest and are typically able to help a third of our guests into permanent homes. GrowTH also has its own housing project. GrowTH Housing provides accessible and affordable accommodation to former shelter guests along with support with moving forward in life. By supporting GrowTH, you are playing a crucial role in providing shelter, meals and friendship to those who need it, and helping our guests to move out of homelessness for good.
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This is GrowTH LTD

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