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Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG

Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG

Tiggy’s Trust aims to assist young equestrians through mental health support , training and education to enable them to achieve their goals

Tiggy's Trust is a foundation that was set up in memory of Tiggy Hancock, an all-round wonderful person, talented rider, beloved daughter, adored sister and loyal friend who was taken from this world on the 16th of June 2021 at just 15 years of age. It was no coincidence that Tiggy touched the lives of so many in her short life - her golden heart, infectious fun personality and cheeky smile extended to all who knew her. Despite her young age she had the capacity to reach out and offer positivity to those around her, both young and old, and through the Trust we hope to continue that legacy. Tiggy's Trust has been set up as a way of honouring Tiggy's memory by spreading the kindness, generosity and inclusivity that was an integral part of her personality.
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Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG

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