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Today's Community Church

Today's Community Church

North West

TCCLife inspires ordinary people to be all they can become, and empowers people to achieve the extraordinary

Our Vision is that the Church we are becoming… 1. Actively loves God and loves people 2. Is large enough to reach a region yet small enough to touch the individual 3. Is relationally strong and spiritually deep 4. Is a growing community, a multi-generational people who are inwardly caring and outwardly reaching to the world around them 5. Inspires ordinary people to be all they can become, and empowers them to achieve the extraordinary 6. Is fun to be a part of; an energising community in which to grow 7. Is vibrant in worship and powerful in word 8. Is God pleasing and people honouring; a house of generosity 9. Positively defies all expectations of it and is renowned for going the extra mile 10. Speaks life, gives life and brings life wherever it goes
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Today's Community Church

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