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Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

North West

Trafford Domestic Abuse Services supports individuals and families living or working in the Trafford area who are suffering from domestic abuse.

Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS) was established in 1990. We are a small, local charity working in the Trafford area of Greater Manchester. We provide much-needed and relied-upon services including refuge, community outreach services and support for children and young people. We also train professionals how to spot and respond to domestic abuse cases they encounter. Last year we were able to help over 1400 local people including many in crisis including those made homeless, in financial hardship or suffering mental health problems due to domestic abuse. We work with schools to teach and promote healthy relationships equipping the next generation with the information and skills needed to create their own positive relationships and to spot any abuse or controlling behaviours. We have a volunteering service. Our service users really benefit from the support of our volunteers, who in turn, really enjoy the ability to contribute their time and skills to such an important cause; knowing that they are making a real and positive difference to someone at a critical point in their lives.
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Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

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