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Trinity Churches

Trinity Churches

West Midlands


For more than half a million visitors each year, Leeds Castle and its estate is considered a national treasure, providing a window onto nine hundred years of British history, a haven of tranquillity and a world of discovery and enjoyment. The aim of the Charitable Foundation is the preservation of the Castle, its collections and interiors, and its estate for the benefit of the public. To achieve this aim, there is an on-going programme of maintenance and restoration of this magnificent 12th Century Castle requiring expertise, care and of course, money. All profits go towards this aim, the Charitable Foundation receiving no external funding to further this good work. Therefore we are extremely grateful to each and every visitor who contributes by purchasing a ticket or staying here in one of the delightful cottages or other overnight accommodation. Amongst many of the important projects carried out over the past five years, money raised with your help has gone towards conserving and re-pointing the oldest parts of the Castle’s outer stonework, improving accessibility for all, and providing educational visits for over 50,000 children a year, among so much more.

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Trinity Churches

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