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Ulverston Coronation Hall

Ulverston Coronation Hall

North West

Welcome to The Coro

The Coro is an historic arts, culture and entertainment venue that brings joy, discovery and adventure to the people of Ulverston and beyond. Our mission: We exist to champion, develop and enrich the social and cultural life of Ulverston Our purpose: To enrich lives through great experiences Our promise: A world of joy, discovery and adventure where everyone is welcome Standing proud in the heart of the small rural market town of Ulverston on the edge of the Lake District, the Coro was built as ‘The Coronation Hall’ by public subscription back in 1920 in direct response to the people’s desire for a place to go to enjoy theatre, music, dance and entertainment. Since that time the Coro has grown into a much-loved venue that showcases world-class performance alongside home-grown artists and locally produced festivals, shows, activities and events. We encourage and inspire people to engage in quality and accessible music, art, theatre, and comedy.
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Ulverston Coronation Hall

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