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Venture Arts

Venture Arts

North West

Venture Arts specialises in running inclusive visual arts workshops and providing work experience to support learning disabled people.

We run over 1000 creative workshops every year, working with over 200 individuals to enable learning disabled people to play a valued role in our region’s vibrant and diverse culture. Venture Arts is unique in the North-West. Since 1985 it has been providing a bright, lively and welcoming environment where learning disabled people produce great artwork. 

Venture Arts focuses on bringing out the best in every individual, nurturing talent and enhancing overall wellbeing through the arts. The majority of our work takes place in our fully equipped arts studio, located close to Manchester city centre. Venture Arts also runs initiatives for learning disabled people to gain work experience in arts and culture, either working as artists in schools or on supported placements at museums, galleries, theatres and arts festivals. 

Venture Arts is a Registered Charity, number 1176385

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Venture Arts

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