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Vineyard 61 Church

Vineyard 61 Church


Vineyard 61 Church, founded in 2015, is a multi-site church in South West London. Our vision is to bring life to our city and communities.

Our vision at Vineyard 61 Church is to be a people who are together bringing life to our city and communities; we seek to help people find and follow Jesus, be empowered by the Holy Spirit, connect and worship God together. We do this by being a compassionate church, as we live on a mission to serve our communities and to show and tell thousands about the love and power of God. We run a community Job Club, an English Language School, a ministry to the homeless, CAP Life Skills courses and are a base for the refugee Bike Hub scheme. We hold services on Sunday mornings and evenings to which everyone is welcome.
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Vineyard 61 Church

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