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Wac Arts

Wac Arts


We believe in the infinite power of the arts to unleash the extraordinary potential of young people.

Our mission is to empower young people to change their worlds. Wac Arts offers high-quality access to the arts for young people who face the worst barriers to participation. Our open creative environment fosters social cohesion and enables young people to transcend hurdles which would otherwise hinder their success. For over 40 years, Wac Arts has offered accessible performing arts classes, advocacy and media training for young people aged 5-25 and their families. 78% of our young people are BAME and 72% come from a background of deprivation. We especially welcome those with SEN or other disabilities. Our programmes draw people together from 29 London boroughs. They are designed to develop advocacy skills, harnessing young people’s extraordinary potential and equipping them to make positive choices and a positive contribution to society. Our strategic ambition is to connect with an even greater number and range of young people.
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Wac Arts

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