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Wessex Heritage Trust

Wessex Heritage Trust

South East

The Wessex heritage trust is a charity who work with disadvantaged young people by engaging them within regional heritage and cultural activities.

The Wessex Heritage Trust is a not for profit, self-funding charitable organisation which secures additional funds and creates new projects for heritage sites and cultural facilities across the region. The Trust ensures that these sites are able to provide facilities that attract, are accessible and encourage all parts of the community to engage. Our declared aims are; 1. To increase access for all ages and abilities to the region’s providers of cultural heritage. 2. To provide opportunities of engagement to traditional non-users. 3. To engage disadvantaged groups within the community with culture and heritage. 4. Create collaborative partnerships with other organisations that have similar objectives.

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Wessex Heritage Trust

WXHT001 Engage, discover and generate enthusiasm.

Engage, discover and generate enthusiasm.

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