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West Mercia Women's Aid

West Mercia Women's Aid

West Midlands

West Mercia Women's Aid are the lead regional charity working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

West Mercia Women’s Aid is the leading regional organisation providing specialist emotional and practical services for those whose lives have been blighted by domestic abuse. We ensure that victims are safe, have information and choice in how they live their lives, and feel supported in their recovery from abuse. We actively challenge gender bullying and the social acceptance of the abuse of women and girls. Women are over-represented as the victims of domestic abuse and violence, and the majority of our services are delivered by women and in women-only spaces. However, we recognise that men can also experience abuse in their intimate partner relationships and WMWA provides male victims with advice and support that recognises the challenges that they face. WMWA will support anyone affected by domestic abuse as long as we can safely meet their needs. We work closely with other agencies to ensure that support services are accessible and appropriate to all communities of heritage, faith, ability and identity. WMWA works in partnership with other local and regional agencies to promote the protection of women and children, and we offer specialist training for a wised range of professionals and communities. We are committed to ensuring that services are co-ordinated and make a real difference for the people that need them.

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West Mercia Women's Aid

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