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Winchester Youth Counselling

Winchester Youth Counselling

South East

Supporting Young people with their mental health and wellbeing in Winchester

Winchester Youth Counselling (WYC) provides free counselling, therapies and other mental health support to young people and their families in the district of Winchester, Hampshire. We support young people aged 11-25 that are experiencing issues affecting their mental health, including anxiety, depression, self harm, bereavement, bullying and a broad range of other reasons. We do this by providing completely free, open-ended therapies including one to one counselling, walk and talk counselling, Nature Therapy, group work and parent support. WYC is a registered charity and is primarily funded through the generosity of Trusts and Foundations, Philanthropy and the generosity of individual members of the community. WYC has been operating in Winchester for 20 years and has a long waiting list for services. It is our goal to provide quality, professional support to young people as soon as it is needed, and minimise waiting times as much as possible.

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Winchester Youth Counselling

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