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Winterton and District Lions Club

Winterton and District Lions Club

Yorkshire and the Humber

We serve our area inc. Alkborough, Appleby, Burton Stather, Flixborough, Normanby, Roxby, Thealby, West Halton, Winterton, Winteringham and Whitton.

We hold many fundraising and social events and are very proud of the support from villagers who helped us along. We are a strong club that works hard to raise money and equally hard to ensure that it goes to genuinely worthwhile causes. We try to donate money locally, whilst ensuring that we meet our obligations to give to the international causes, and we have donated to the following organisations, to name a few:- Winterton Lymphoma and Leukaemia Society, Winterton LIVES, Scunthorpe MENCAP, Alzheimer's Society. Lexi Fund, Burton Football Assn, Water Aid, St. Andrews Hospice, CAPS (North Lincs), National Search and Rescue Dog Assn, Magic Moments, Hospitality Packs for the local hospital, Lions Bravery Awards at Scunthorpe General Hospital childrens wardChildren in need, Dale Park Football Club, Winterton P>F>A., Alkborough Manor Home, North Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, McMillan and many many more.
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Winterton and District Lions Club

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