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World Medical Education

World Medical Education

East Midlands

To develop the highest level of context specific digital education for health workers with a particular focus on resource poor countries world-wide.

Our aim is to make the material open access or of very low cost for resource poor countries. To do this we have: • Previously developed DVD programs for portable DVD players • No developed and App that allows delivery of our multimedia programs on mobile phones and tablets. The App also allows our mobile system to delivery continuing education to health workers in resource poor countries in the remotes rural areas and remote assessment. The company has five multimedia programs that are open access on the company’s delivery platform http://learning.worldmedicaleducation.org The training for community health workers in Africa project with the World Health Organisation has been completed and was rolled out in Malawi during 2019 and a suite of videos produced in 2020 to train health workers in the management of COVID-19. The company is continuing to develop links with charities and other funding bodies and developing a fund-raising strategy.

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World Medical Education

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