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WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

South East

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust - Keeping the aviation legacy of WW1 alive

Our Vision We intend to provide an enduring flying collection of World War I Allied and German aircraft based in the UK flying from heritage sites like Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome. The WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust Aircraft Collection will: Advance your understanding of the history of the evolution of military aviation during the Great War by flying displays, dioramas and educational courses as a testament to the men and machines and their sacrifice. Demonstrate at air shows in the UK, in 2017 and beyond, how the aircrews, technology and tactics evolved during WW1. Support flypasts and static displays at commemorative events. Offer apprenticeships in vintage aircraft preservation, restoration and reproduction.

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WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust

WAHT001 WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust Text Raffle

WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust Text Raffle

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