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Yorkshire Dales Railway Museum Trust (Holdings) Ltd

Yorkshire Dales Railway Museum Trust (Holdings) Ltd

Yorkshire and the Humber

Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway - Founded in 1968 , we operate a heritage railway and museum near Skipton, North Yorkshire.

We're a charitable organisation which exists for the benefit and education of the public through preserving and operating a heritage railway and museum on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We offer historical and family events throughout the year, allowing the public to interpret our local railway, industrial and technological history in a variety of settings, from authentic historical re-enactments to fun family events. We engage a small number of staff and our team of volunteers, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, to actively restore items in our collection and operate them for the benefit of the public's education. We also work in partnership with other charitable trusts, facilitating the restoration and operation of artefacts from similar organisations throughout the United Kingdom. By supporting us, you are enabling our organisation to continue its valuable work, and continue conserving, restoring and operating our railway history.
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Yorkshire Dales Railway Museum Trust (Holdings) Ltd



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