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Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

West Midlands

We're a leading producing theatre making theatrical moments to cherish.

For over 100 years the REP has been at the forefront of theatre in this country and renowned for our artist development and community outreach programmes. Throughout our history we have brought new works to life for the first time, given people their first ever experience of theatre and provided the first step in countless careers. Now we are asking our audiences and supporters to play their part and put the REP First. In 2017 we launched REP First, an ambitious fundraising campaign which aims to raise £1million. Now in our third and final year, we are delighted to say we have raised £830,000 so far thanks to the generosity of our donors.
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Birmingham Repertory Theatre

BREP01 REP First

REP First

Our million-pound campaign that nurtures the region's talented young artists, commissions exciting new works, welcomes new audiences and reaches out ... Read more