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Burton Albion Community Trust

Burton Albion Community Trust

East Midlands

Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) is the charitable arm of Burton Albion Football Club.

The strategic aims of BACT are to: deliver high quality; create a positive journey; measure and evidence impact, and govern and lead effectively, helping to achieve the mission of ‘Making a difference to our communities through the power of sport and brand of Burton Albion FC.’ Since its inception in September 2010, engagement numbers have grown together with investment in the local community. On average, BACT engages with more than 7,000 people per week with ages ranging from four years to 80-plus. At BACT, we try to maximise all aspects of the participant’s journey, to allow programmes to continue to grow organically and make a greater impact on the local, regional and national agenda.

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Burton Albion Community Trust

BACT BACT Website Fundraising

BACT Website Fundraising

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