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Northern Ireland

For more than 40 years we have been standing shoulder to shoulder with people as we support them to transform their lives.

Extern is the leading social justice charity operating across the island of Ireland. Operating for 40 years, every day Extern works alongside children, young people, and families, to empower positive change and support family unity. We also support people who are homeless or facing homelessness, refugees, the Traveller community, people living with an offending past, those living with the impact of suicide and those dealing with mental health and drug and alcohol issues, to change their lives. As a charity, we strive for an inclusive and fair society; keeping children and their families together where possible; reducing offending and the impact of offending on victims and the community; that people have somewhere to live and that the people we work with are better equipped to live and make a contribution to their community. We are also the leading provider of placements for social work students in the voluntary sector. Last year Extern supported over 20,000 people across the island of Ireland who were in need of support.
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Extern Coronavirus Appeal

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